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Character Profile Template

Basic info

Full Name: Julia Vivian Wood
Nickname: Julie
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 11, 1988
Current Age: 20
Race: Caucasian

Family - this section is optional

Parents: Steven Wood and Gina Lepartha
Siblings: Sister, Becky - 25

Physical Appearance

Picture (optional):

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 118
Hair: Slightly longer than shoulder length, medium-dark brown, wavy.
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Pale, clear complexion with no freckles
Build: Very thin, not at all muscular
Other (scars, birthmarks, etc.): N/A


Likes (at least five): Flowers, baking, candles, the smell of nighttime rain, taking walks, children
Dislikes (at least five): Loud vehicles, cell phones, TV, sappy romance novels, rude people, eggplant, the color yellow
Talents: Drawing, beading, writing, fashion designing
Strengths: Kindness, helpfulness, friendliness, leadership
Weaknesses: Multitasking, flirting
General Description of personality:

Julie is a sweet, calm person who is very down-to-earth. She has always been the peacemaker of the family, although she often gets anxious in certain situations. She loves relaxing activities and tries to convince friends and family to participate in them. She is very realistic, practical, and sensible, and tries not to expect the worst so that she'll never be disappointed. She is in no way superstitious or religious, although some of her friends are.


Julia was born and raised in New York City. Her parents, Steven and Gina, were divorced when she was 10. Julie was forced to move back and forth between apartments every week, dragging her sketchbooks and diaries and notebooks with her each time. These books were filled with Julie's thoughts and ideas and basically, her whole life. She never left them at either house because she didn't trust her parents.

When Julie was 15, her dear friend Craig was killed in a car accident. After that, Julie developed a very practical view on life and most of her friends started to stay away from her, thinking that she'd grown out of them. Of course, that idea was far from the truth. Julie missed having friends she could talk to, and for several years was left with virtually only her parents and sister to talk to. This caused her to be constantly be depressed and sulky.

After going to college, Julie realized that there's more to life than grieving, and more and more people began to respect her. She started doing things that kept her mind off Craig, like gardening and babysitting for her sister Becky's kids. She made friends and became happier and happier. However, her realistic and practical mind always stuck with her.

RP Sample
ic: Maura was riding her beautiful mare Mina through the woods, the warm air rushing through her hair and blowing it off her face, revealing the tips of pointed ears. No one knew she was out riding, and she liked it that way. She was going to make this outing worth getting in trouble for. She knew that her foster parents were very protective and didn't want her riding through the woods without anyone to look after her, but these times were bliss for Maura. She slowed down to a trot and as they were stopping, she took a sip from her flask of water.

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