William Benjamin Harrison

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William Benjamin Harrison

Post by xDanicax on Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:37 pm

Basic info
Full Name: William Benjamin Harrison
Nickname: Will
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 5, 1861
Current Age: Stuck at 19
Race: Vampire


Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Other: He only has his vampire coven

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Shaggy coppery hair, cut semi-short.
Eyes: Gold eyes that fade to brown with flecks of green, depending on his hunger
Skin: Dark toned, but pale and semi-translucent.
Build: Thin and graceful
Other: A silver scar at the left hollow of his neck right above his shoulder

Likes: Darkness. Fire. Poetry.
Dislikes: Light. People. School.
Talents: William has the ability to charm.
Strengths: William has the power of prophecy.
Weaknesses: Comunication.
General Description of personality: William is quiet, unless angry, then he tends to yell. William ususally is angry. He has yet to let go of his past and except his furture.

Will never met his mother and father, all he knew was his Aunt Margret and Uncle John. Of course, they weren't really his aunt and uncle, no, they were only friends of the family who took Will in after his parents died in the horrific fire that almost took his own life as well. The fire was no accident, either. It was set alite by confederate soldiers. William grew up in beautiful Pennsylvania with the civil war raging around him. He barely remembered, but the horror of Gettysburg, so close to his own home, took so many of his friend's father's lives.
Before long William was a young man of 19. He was engaged to a lovely girl, Katrina von Heigle. But one night, about 3 weeks before their wedding, Katrina and William were taking a stroll through the woods when they were attacked. By what, they didn't know, but Will did know that Katrina was dead. And he lay on the ground, mortally wounded. The next morning he opened his eyes to the sunlight piercing through the leaves on the trees above him. He was alive, but he felt different. He stood up, looking past Katrina's limp body beside him. He raced towards the town, but before he reached it he saw his reflection in a stream. His skin was pale. His eyes a deep pit of despair. He was mortified. He ran into the woods. Eventually he found himself in New York where he met Robert Harrison and joined the vampire coven, which he is still part of today.
He is in his senior year of highschool for the 5th time.


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