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Vilangle Estafan

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Basic info
Full Name (First Middle Last): Vilangle Cesare Estafan
Nickname (If applicable): Angle (pronounced ahn-jul)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 10/31/1900
Current Age: Stuck at 20
Race: Vampire

Family - this section is optional
Parents: Cesare and Edmonda Estafan
Siblings: N/A

Physical Appearance
Picture (optional):

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 160
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark gold, but get red often
Skin: Chalky white
Build: Muscular
Other: Delicate, thin scar on the ride side of his neck

Likes: Women, moonlight, dark alleyways, the color red, opportunities to show off
Dislikes: The modern age, bright sunlight, daytime, effort,
Talents: Being seductive
Strengths: Can send pictures into people’s minds
Weaknesses: In his human years; alcohol and women. In his vampire life; women.
General Description of personality:

Vilangle seems to be clever, witty, and intelligent on the outside, but on the inside he is conceited and empty. He spends much of his time around women, but never seems to stay with the same ones for a long period of time because they eventually realize that he is an empty-headed love hunter. He has retained much of his academic intelligence from his days of being human, but his level of common sense is miniscule.


Vilangle was born to Cesare and Edmonda Estafan in Rome, Italy in the year 1900. He was loved greatly by his parents, who provided him with the best education possible. He was respected and envied at his prestigious boarding school.

But nothing lasted. When he was seventeen years old, he fell deeply in love with an inhumanly beautiful girl named Christiana. Christiana loved him back, or so it seemed. They were in a perfect relationship for three years, until Christiana revealed to Vilangle that she was a vampire. This shocked Angle, but he was willing to do whatever it would take to be with Christiana forever. Christiana convinced him to let her change him. After he had become a vampire, Christiana left him. She had never truly loved him. Now, Angle was alone and suffering in his physical, mental, and emotional agony. He was eventually found by other vampires, but his heart was permanently twisted into an arrogant mess.

RP Sample

Delila squeezed the handbrakes on her bike, causing it to slow down with a screech. She parked and locked it on the bike rack outside a small, friendly-looking shack at the edge of town. It was newly painted, with a sign that read, "The Soda Shack". This looks interesting, Delila thought, walking inside. She yanked her earbuds out of her ears and wound them around her bright red iPod nano.

Inside there were several cases of soda, and a few racks of chips and other snacks. It was slightly dark inside, the only light coming in through a window in the back of the store and the front door, which was left wide open for customers. The AC buzzed loudly, an unwelcoming noise. Delila pursed her lips, thinking to herself, This is a really crappy store for Kennington. But she was thirsty, and decided to buy a soda.

She reached into one of the cases, expecting the interior to be cold and refreshing to her sweaty skin. She was surprised and alarmed to find it room-temperature. What the hell. She grabbed a can of cherry coke frustratedly, then slammed the door of the case and stepped back, bumping into someone.

Vilangle Estafan

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