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About Amateur Roleplaying

Post by Lila on Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:24 pm

Hello, and welcome to Amateur Roleplaying. If you're reading this, you are probably either a casual Roleplayer or a more serious one, but in any case, we're glad you've found us!

Now, allow me to explain the purpose of this forum. First of all, this is going to probably be a bit different than RPGs you've participated in before. It's not going to be like one-topic roleplaying (the kind that takes place on The Dancing Lawn), and neither is it going to be like super serious RP-ing that you'll find on other boards. Amateur Roleplaying uses new and different techniques and styles. There is not one big plot; there are several different smaller plots. These plots can be pretty much anything, and can take place in any time period.

You have a character. Okay, so maybe you have more than one character, which is fine by me. Your character can participate in any plot except for ones that won't work. Say, for instance, that one of your characters is a 23-year-old modern day American guy with a motorcycle. Obviously, your character isn't going to participate in fantasy, other-world plots with faeries and sorcerers and such. In the same way, ancient magical Vampire queens aren't going to participate in plots that take place in New York City. Get the picture? Wink

So basically, you can create any characters you want, and once you have characters, you can start making plots. Anything's possible, guys! Have fun, stay safe, be yourself... (er, actually... nevermind)


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